Jhingurda / Audi (औडी) Hanuman Temple,Madhya Pradesh


Jhingurda / Audi (औडी) Hanuman Temple, Madhya Pradesh, झिनगुर्दा हनुमान मंदिर।

The land of Singrauli, also known as Urjanchal (Energy Capital), due to the rich resource of Coal, is a treasure trove of many heritages. One of them is the Jhingurda Hanuman temple located on the Auri hill on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. This is arguably the only Hanuman temple on the planet, having the belief of Siddhapeeth, where coconut is offered before offering laddus (sweets), garlands (चुनरी) and flowers.

Only Hanuman Temple where Coconut sacrifice is offered. , Jhingurda Hanuman Temple, Audi Hanuman Ji mandir, Singrauli ka famous Hanuman Mandir.

What is offered at Jhingurda / Audi Hanuman Temple. हनुमान जी पर चढावा 

There is an old tradition of offering a flower of a lotus at the Hanuman temple of Audi/Jhingurda. For this, flowers are often brought from Tippa Jharia lake (Also locally known as Tippa Jharia Dam), situated at a distance of just 2 to 3 km from Hanuman temple. It is not less than a miracle that, lotus here blossoms during the entire year and in every season. The place is worth visiting. This temple is located on the top of a mountain amidst thick forest and fauna.

The place is worth visiting.This temple is located on the top of a mountain amidst thick forest and fauna.[/heading]

Shri Ram Lallu Pandey is Head Priest of Jhingurda Hanuman Temple. श्री राम लल्लू पांडेय औडी मंदिर के मुख्य पुजारी हैं 

The Head priest (मुख्य पुजारी) of the temple, Shri Ramallu Pandey, explains that the Hanuman idol appeared on its own two thousand years ago at this place known as Auri/Jhingurda Hanuman temple place. Shri Ram Lallu Pandey claims, for eight generations his family is taking care of this temple.[box title=”Offering prayer for eight generations.Shri Ram Lallu Pandey claims, for eight generations his family is taking care of this temple.

Later on, the royal family of Singrauli took care of the place and locals started worshiping this temple. Now, Northern Coalfields Limited has taken the responsibility for temple area. Several infrastructure works are done for the comfort of visiting devotees. 

Some Interesting Facts about Audi/Jhingurda Hanuman temple.

  • It is believed that the temple is 2000 years old.
  • Earlier it was built with South Indian Architecture by the royal family of Singrauli.
  • 400 years back Samarth Guru Ramdas also visited this place and offered puja (Hindu ritual).
  • It is also believed that this is the only Hanuman temple where coconut is offered.
  • Ceremonial shaving of child’s head (Mundan / मुंडन) is also done here.
  • For its picturesque beauty, often people visit this place for fun and picnic also.

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Fair / Mela at Audi Hanuman Temple.

A ten days Fair/Mela is organized every year during the festival of Diwali. This fair attracts huge public gatherings of locals as well as people from distant places. However, the temple remains open every day for visitors, but most people visit the place on Tuesdays. The Auri Hanuman Temple is also a  Siddhpeeth and very significant for Tantriks and Occult practitioners. Diwali being Amāvásyā night (New moon night) is very sacred for Tantriks of the Hindu faith in India.

How to reach Audi/Jhingurda Hanuman temple!

A private vehicle or Taxi is the best suitable means to reach Auri Hanuman Temple. However public transport is also available to reach Jhingurda town.Economical Taxi Service from Singrauli to Varanasi :- Contact Phone No : 9826907115  From Jhingurda too you may hire an Auto rickshaw or private taxi. You may also travel on foot for 3-4 km from Jhingurda to reach Audi Hanuman temple.

What to carry while Visiting Audi / Jhingurda Hanuman temple.

However, photography is generally prohibited inside the temple premises, you may carry a camera to take images of beautiful landscapes. Apart from Puja materials, the shops present near Auri / Jhingurda Hanuman temple don’t have much to offer. Public convenience and drinking water is made available by temple authorities. Packaged drinking water is also available in the shops over there. You may get Indian snacks in few shops, but the proper meal is not available there. I suggest the visitors take their lunch/dinner at Singrauli (7 Kms from the temple). There are several restaurants in Singrauli which provide Indian, South-Indian, and continental cuisines in a hygienic environment.

For Hotel pre-bookings you may use the following link:-https://www.goibibo.com/hotels/hotels-in-singrauli/near-singrauli-railway-station-lh/

FAQs About Audi/Jhingurda Hanuman Mandir / Temple

The nearest Railway station from Jhingurda Hanuman Temple is Singrauli.

Is it Safe to Visit Audi/Hanuman Mandir/Temple at night:– Generally it’s safe. However, due to dense forest and fewer commuters during the night, visitors should avoid traveling at Night.




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