Jaljaliya Devi & Mada Eco Park:Singrauli


Jaljaliya Devi Mada and Mada Eco Adventure Park.

The Jaljaliya Devi Temple, situated in Mada of Singrauli Dist, is associated with the history of the Primitive period. There are many scenic places around Singrauli, the tapobhumi of Shringi Rishi but Jaljaliya Devi is unique for various reasons.


Jaljaliya Devi
Jaljaliya Devi Mada

How Jaljaliya Devi of Mada appeared?

Belief is, Maa Jaljaliya has appeared from the Jaljaliya mountains and she fulfils the wishes of every devotee. This place is also seen associated with early human times. It is situated 60kms away from Singrauli Railway Station. However, the nearest railway station is Bargawan. Therefore it is strongly recommended to have a visit.

The scenic beauty of Mada Caves and Dense forest.

This place, covered with lush green forests is very delightful. The temple of Maa Jaljaliya is in the middle of the series of caves of the ancient period. The head priest tells that the Maa Jaljaliya has descended by breaking the mountains of Jaljaliya.

Mada Caves
Mada Caves inside Eco Park.

Significance of Jaljaliya Devi, Mada.

An uninterrupted clean stream of water always flows from the bottom of a huge mountain making the place very beautiful. It is said that at the bottom of the mountain there is Sheer Sagar from where this stream comes. Centuries ago, people started worshipping Goddess Jaljaliya. Gradually, this place became famous all over the place.

Ravan Caves Mada.

This temple is beneath the mountain where the famous Ravan Cave is also situated. It is not only a religious place, but is also a delightful place in terms of environment and fauna. Also, you find a dense forest all around. Listening to the tweet of birds is very delightful. There is always peace and calm amidst the lush green forest.

How to reach Mada from Singrauli?

Buses and autos are the main means to reach this place. You may find direct buses from Waidhan Bus Stand to Mada. But,you may also hire a taxi or auto from Singrauli railway station or bus stand.

Mada: Sheshnag offers Jalabhisekh over Lord Shiva.

An ancient Shivalinga few steps from the place of Maa Jaljaliya. On top of which the water stream continuously falls from rock built Sheshnagn.It appears as if Sheshnag is doing Jalabhishekh of Lord shiva. Local people say for many generations this stream of water never stopped. This miracle is considered to be divine for centuries.

जब मोरवा/सिंगरौली इतिहास के पन्नो में दर्ज हो जायेगा!

Auspicious Days at Jaljaliya Devi Mada.

Although devotees reach here every day but thousands of devotees come here on Makar Sankranti. On this day, the faith of devotees attract thousands of people. This day is the auspicious day of Maa Jaljaliya. Havan, yagna, rituals and many other rites are performed here. Apart from this, devotees perform pooja-Archana on the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami. Women reach in greater numbers on this day. During the month of Shrawan, devotees turn up in large number. The border of Chhattisgarh is just a few kilometres from Maa Jaljaliya. The border of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh meets here, therefore a huge number of devotees come from nearby villages of Chhattisgarh also.

Mada Eco Park

After visiting Jaljaliya Devi you should never miss visiting Mada Eco-Adventure park. It is just a couple of kilometres away Jaljaliya temple. Mada Eco & Adventure park is jointly developed by Northern Coalfields Limited and Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Adventure Sports Inside Eco Park,Mada.
Eco Park Mada

There are several adventure sports in offering for children and adults. Monkey crawl and ZipLine are few of them. Unfortunately, no eatables are available inside the park. You can carry your own food items inside the park. The developers have tried not to disturb nature inside the park. You may not see many infrastructure buildings inside. A public toilet is provided inside Mada Adventure Park. There is no proper drinking water arrangement. It is suggested to carry your own water bottles.

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