What LockDown did to us ? A second thought.

What lock down did to us ? A second thought !
What lock down did to us ? A second thought !

To prevent the spread of corona virus, the government has put the country on lockdown for 21 days and people have been advised to stay in homes.


Schools and colleges are closed so that students can be protected from this virus. The children are on vacation and have to stay at home. In such a situation, where mothers are using this time in cooking and teaching new crafts to children, children are also learning new things and spending more time with family. 

School Holidays started before time.

These holidays are like the monsoon for children started before summer. However, some mothers are not happy with these holidays, while some working women are taking it as a long weekend. Many families are using this lockdown to spend quality time with the family and strengthen mutual relations.

Hygiene and Discipline

Many women are happy that their children are becoming aware of hygiene and becoming more disciplined during this period.

Corona virus has created emergency situations all over the world. Governments around the world, including India, are taking every possible step to fight the war against this virus. Businesses have come to a standstill due to the Corona virus, international travel has been canceled in many countries, hotels and restaurants have either been closed or people are avoiding going into them. Many companies especially, companies in the IT sector are giving people the facility to work from home.

Is work-from-home sustainable?
Till now, except for information technology (IT) sector, it was almost impossible to get work-from-home. Companies were preferring to work from the office itself. But, since the outbreak of the corona virus, both companies and employees are now cautious. Apart from IT, companies from other sectors are also allowing their employees to work from home.   

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